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Assassins Designs

At Assassins Designs, we are committed to bringing quality, comfort, and colour to your yoga practices through our Australian made and eco-friendly yoga bolsters, meditation cushions, and bright, fun floor cushions for kids, at a competitive price. Our services are backed with excellent 24/7 customer care services to ensure once your product has been created , your order reaches you within 5-10 days. 


Meet the Founder

Hi, my name is Carly Robinson, a mum of three and the founder of Assassins Designs. I am a yoga and group fitness instructor to many yoga and fitness enthusiasts in Australia. Consequently, I am the designer and creator of yoga bolsters, meditation cushions, kids cushions, and kids floor cushions that we specialize in at Assassins Designs.


I have over 17 years of experience in sewing, where I have learned excellent skills in detailed stitching and precision of what my customers want. I know how to blend colours and quality to make my work comfy, attractive, and light, especially when making kids cushions. 


For over ten years, my life has been revolving around the health and fitness of many people in Australia. One core area of my expertise in fitness is yoga. As a trainer and teacher of yoga, I know the right yoga bolsters and cushions someone should be using. Besides, being a mum of three and having many nieces and nephews, I also do kids face painting. With this in mind , I better understand kids and what they like and need.


This is where I conceived the idea of making yoga bolsters, meditation cushions, and floor cushions for adults and kids. My experience in motherhood, yoga practices, and sewing placed me in an excellent position to precisely know what yoga enthusiasts needed. 


Our products were and are still in high demand across Australia, which made us expand our business and supplies from its base in NSW to all regions in Australia. We now receive and satisfy orders from all over Australia. That’s how Assassins Designs was created.


We remain committed to quality and excellent customer care services. Whether you are here to improve your yoga practices or to make your meditation better, create a fun safe place for your kids to play/read. We can help you because that’s our field of expertise.