About Us

Our Mission

To bring quality, comfort, and colour to your yoga practices.


Assassins Designs is specialized in making unique and quality yoga bolsters, meditation cushions, and floor cushions for kids and adults. We are slowly but surely becoming a yoga icon in Australia. The beauty of our products is that they are designed for comfort and great looks. 


Our Journey to Assassins Design

Becoming a trusted producer of yoga bolsters, meditation cushions, and kids floor cushions in Australia has taken dedication to offer quality and satisfaction of our customers’ needs. 


Having been in the yoga field for over ten years and experienced in sewing for over 17 years, we had enough knowledge to make unassailable and better yoga bolsters and cushions than the ones we were using. 


We aimed at bringing more comfort to yoga enthusiasts and enable them to focus better on their meditation. So the hunt for the right quality of bolsters and cushions started. Unfortunately, the quality we were looking for was not readily available in Australia… let alone made and manufactured here. 


That began our motivation to develop yoga bolsters and cushions that featured quality, detailed stitching, care, and precision. And that is how Assassins Designs was created. Of course, it has been a challenge to find the perfect materials here in Australia, but we have and we stand by our promise. 


Who we Serve

Assassins Designs products are Australian made for anyone who wishes to bring comfort and quality into their home. Infants , toddlers, teens, adults and even the elderly. Custom seating has been made for extra padding to support the eldery and disabled. We are currently serving fellow yogi’s in Australia.



Our Values

Yoga practices have a ton of benefits that can only be achieved if one practices on a comfortable and quality yoga bolster or cushion. We are committed to quality, 24/7 customer care services, precision, care, fast delivery, aesthetic, and comfort. That’s why you find all these qualities in our products and services. We know precisely the bright and fun colours for your kids' collections, and the quality needed even for the most robust kids. 


Our Promise

All our products are eco-friendly and Australian made with high-quality standard and colour that makes your yoga practices more comfortable. Once we have created your product, we deliver all our products within 5-10 days.