Knee Cushions - yoga prop

KNEE / SHOULDER STAND CUSHIONS - the ideal yoga prop you need!

         By popular Demand , these prop cushions have now been added to my store. 
Do you ever get half way through a yoga pose  and need to come out of it due to all that pressure on your knee caps ? Or maybe your instructor (me lol) loves doing side planks on those elbows!!? 
If you have experienced this before , then do yourself a favor and add one to your cart... its a little price to pay for something that will honestly benefit your yoga practice. 
Heres some facts ... 
Your knee cushion will measure 300mm x 450mm x 70mm 
The cover is completely REMOVABLE.... so you can unzip the hidden zipper and throw it in the wash.... Just like your bolster cover.
The inside consists of high density foam, perfect for padding those knees , elbows
This versatile cushion is ideal for shoulder stands , seated poses , meditation.


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